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As AXIStech continues to support and promote Passive Optical LAN (POL) System in Canada, the technology continues to gain strength in North American with large scale installations from front running vendors such as Motorola, Tellabs and Zhone as well as a new, highly respected Canadian Passive Optical LAN supplierOptigo Networks of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Strategically, the AXIStech Passive Optical LAN (POL) System utilizes greener and safer materials while drastically reducing the expenditure of critical energy stores by up to 60% thereby, reducing the environmental footprint of your company.

The 25 year lifecycle of the AXIStech Passive Optical LAN System far exceeds the current 5-7 years cabling and equipment refresh experienced in most facilities.This results in continuous infrastructure and support cost savings.

AxisTech’s POL(Passive Optical LAN) – More Cost-Efficient, More Cost-Effective

With the increased demand for sustainable, scalable and reliable networking systems, the AXIS Technical Services’ Passive Optical LAN, or POL by Motorola, Tellabs, Zhone or Optigo are real-world hi-tech solutions. The endless advantages offered by optical fibres, ranging from higher bandwidth capabilities to electromagnetic immunity, have proven AXISTECH’s POL to be the ultimate long-term alternative…

Greener + Safer Fibre Optic Solutions From BC’s AxisTech

The AXIS Technical Services fibre-based connection system provides an eco-friendly networking solution to traditional copper wiring. Overall, AXISTECH’s Passive Optical LAN advantages ranging from price-efficiency to reliability, but none of these benefits are quite as underappreciated as the environmental sustainability of fibre optic cabling. Future-oriented, energy-efficient measures implemented today will have a tremendous impact in the mid-term future; consequently, sustainability has become the new frontier of corporate innovation…

AxisTech, A BC Pioneer Of Fibre Optic POL

Many reasons exist for choosing the AXISTECH fibre optic network from Motorola. The superior scalability, design, environmental sustainability and cost effectiveness of the AXIS Technical Service Passive Optical LAN is being acknowledged by technology-based companies as a formidable option over standard copper cabling…