Sardis Secondary – Chilliwack, BC

Sardis Secondary – SD33
Chilliwack School District

Passive Optical LAN,
POL & Fibre Optics Upgrade

Scope of Work

> Passive Optical LAN (POL)
> Equipment Upgrade 

> Fibre Optic / Optical Splitter
> Radius Range of 20km


Project Description

Sardis Secondary opted for the upgrade of Passive Optical LAN (POL), fibre optics, and equipment to meet the growing demand for high-speed and reliable connectivity. This upgrade aimed to enhance the school’s network infrastructure, support advanced educational technologies, and provide seamless internet access to students, teachers, and staff.
POL, is becoming one of the fastest-growing transmission topology for new cable installations and modern upgrades. The networking solution replaced the existing LAN connections as well as traditional network switches with an individual high capacity cable; transmitting information to connect the end user directly with the data centre by sending light signals through an optical fibre. The shareable POL system with multiple infrastructure capabilities has the radius range of 20 kilometres versus the average 300 feet range of legacy copper wiring.

Upgrade to Fibre and Equipment

AxisTech successfully upgraded the equipment for the Passive Optical LAN (POL) at Sardis Secondary School, enhancing the network capabilities and improving connectivity for students and faculty.


Fibre Optic / Optical Splitter

AxisTech utilized optical splitters as part of the POL upgrade for Sardis Secondary School, ensuring efficient and reliable distribution of fiber optics throughout the network framework.


Reliable Radius Range 20km

POL offers an impressive radius range of 20km, enabling seamless and reliable data transmission over long distances, ensuring connectivity throughout the network infrastructure.


Passive Optical LAN - POL

Upgrading the POL network infrastructure with advanced optical technology offers enhanced performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for seamless data transmission and improved connectivity.

Success Story



Project Overview

Randy Janzen, the technology foreman at SD33, carefully researched and selected the POL solution to provide students with access to cutting-edge learning technologies. Axis Technical Services seamlessly integrated POL by replacing outdated copper wiring infrastructure, eliminating the need for cooling systems and multiple distribution closets. This resulted in improved functionality, cost savings, and operational benefits.

AxisTech’s installation of the POL system optimized time management and reduced the need for troubleshooting, increasing productivity with fewer human resources. The solution offered numerous advantages, including streamlined operational costs, eco-friendliness, and virtually unlimited bandwidth through innovative fiber optic cables and equipment.

Due to limited pathways, space, and infrastructure in the two-decade-old Sardis Secondary School, a network upgrade was essential. The POL solution proved to be an ideal fit for the school environment, as it can be easily incorporated into legacy buildings, corporate enterprises, shopping centers, and hospitals. AxisTech’s President and team leader, Joana Barbulescu, expressed enthusiasm for their involvement in Western Canada’s first POL deployment.

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