Forrest Kerr – Alta Gas

Forrest Kerr – Alta Gas
BC Hydro Facilities

Large-Scale Industrial, Outside Plant
Fibre Optic Installations and Security Solutions 

Scope of Work

> Fibre Optic Assessment
> Remote Design-Build
> Outside Plant Installations
> Specialty Fiber Converters
> Termination OPGW Fiber Cables
> Full Site Support



Project Description

Alta Gas, a leading North American energy infrastructure company, contacted the AxisTech Team regarding several BC Hydro facilities that required fibre optic termination testing and installation. The three facilities, Forrest Kerr, Volcano Creek, and McLymont Creek, are all located 1,000 km northwest of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

AxisTech quickly dispatched one of their top “large project foreman”, David Mayhew, who specializes in Outside Fibre-Optic Installation Capabilities, to the Forrest Kerr facility to ascertain the specific challenges of the BC Hydro structure. After weeks of extensive fibre-optic assessment, design, plan and installation, the six-turbine Forrest Kerr plant was nearing completion.

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Large-Project Industrial Team

David Mayhew, who specializes in Outside
Fibre-Optic Installation Capabilities and team were dispatched to the BC Hydro facilities 1,000 km North-west of Vancouver, BC

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Corning Fibre Optic Adapters

Upgraded adapters offer better network capabilities, faster data transfer, and improved system reliability. The team of technicians ensured secure and standard connections.

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Data Tower Boost Network Coverage

AxisTech installed data towers to enhance network capabilities, enabling faster data transfer, better reliability, and increased capacity for growth at the remote facility. 

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Spliced Fibre Optic Enclosures

AxisTech’s solution allows for quicker service, better system reliability, and reduced downtime. By protecting delicate fibres from harsh terrain, they ensure solid reliability.

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Modern Turbine Rooms

State-of-the-art turbine rooms houses switchgear and electrical equipment to improve overall efficiency and reliability of the facility’s system.


Underground Powerhouse

The Forrest Kerr facility features an underground powerhouse that utilizes the force of water to generate clean, renewable energy.

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Two Kilometres Below Ground

The AxisTech team worked 2km below ground at Forrest Kerr to install electrical infrastructure and fiber optic communications for the hydroelectric plant.


Numerous Powered Turbines

The multiple turbines generate hydroelectric power, which requires reliable fibre optic installations to control operational systems.

Success Story




As deadlines were very pressing the AxisTech team stepped up and completed a much larger scope than originally anticipated. The team provided Cisco network switches, specialty fiber converters, communications equipment and specialty cables. The fiber team terminated OPGW fiber cables which are run with the power lines with the ground conductor.

AxisTech also installed and completed controls wiring and gave on site support to various equipment commissioning teams. Axis Technical Services rotate teams in and out of the facility to provide continuous presence 7 days a week, 10 hours a day for four months. Subsequently, AxisTech was rewarded with the following two additional sites – Volcano Creek and McLymont Creek. Through the entire installation process the AxisTech team adhered to the strict safety-first policies required in all industrial environments.

Site monitoring was a core strategy in the next stage of this multi-million dollar Forrest Kerr hydroelectric plant. The Teams wanted to ensure the surrounding areas and river were also equipped with a security and surveillance system complete with CCTV Cameras and real-time remote monitoring of the facility, grounds and river blockages. In-turn, AxisTech custom-designed and installed Forrest Kerr’s first technology-driven surveillance and monitoring system.

According to “The project will capture the immense energy generated by the natural flow and elevation drop of the Iskut River to produce and deliver clean, renewable power to the grid at Bob Quinn Lake via BC Hydro’s proposed 287-kV Northwest Transmission Line (NTL).”

Alta Gas has three locations requiring large–scale communication infrastructure capabilities. The first site is Forrest Kerr, an impressive industrial environmental plant located on Iskut River approximately 1,000 km northwest of Vancouver; Forrest Kerr is a 195 megawatts run-of-river hydroelectric project. The second is Volcano Creek, located close to the Forrest Kerr facility; the Volcano Creek Project is a run-of-river hydroelectric facility with a targeted output of 16 megawatts. The third project is McLymont Creek, also nearby Forrest Kerr and Volcano Creek; McLymont is a run-of-river hydroelectric facility with a targeted output of 66 megawatts.

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