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Design-Build Strategies for a
Passive Optical LAN System


Scope of Work

> Design-Build Services
> Passive Optical LAN (POL)
> Fibre Optic Installations
> Project Oversight / QA / QC

Project Description

The Truimf – IAMI Building’s Design-Build of the Passive Optical LAN (POL) by AxisTech involved the implementation of advanced fiber optic technology to establish a high-speed and reliable network infrastructure. AxisTech’s expertise in POL systems allowed them to create a robust and efficient connectivity solution tailored to Triumf’s research laboratory needs. Through their technical proficiency and industry knowledge, AxisTech successfully completed the project, enabling seamless communication and efficient data transfer within the IAMI Building located in Greater Vancouver, BC.


Design-Build & Management

AxisTech successfully executed the design-build project, delivering a comprehensive solution that met the client’s specifications, combining innovation, expertise, and efficient project management.


Passive Optical LAN (POL)

AxisTech implemented a state-of-the-art POL system at the Truimf – IAMI Building, ensuring fast, reliable, and secure connectivity for efficient data transfer and seamless communication.


Project Oversight / QA & QC

The project oversight for the IAMI Building ensured smooth coordination, adherence to timelines, and rigorous quality control, resulting in a successful and well-executed construction process.


Fibre Optic Installations

The building featured advanced fibre optics, providing reliable and high-speed connectivity throughout the facility, supporting various data-intensive applications and enabling seamless communication.

Success Story

Project Overview

The design-build strategies employed for the Passive Optical LAN system at Truimf – IAMI Building proved to be a game-changer, revolutionizing the network infrastructure with their exceptional expertise and collaboration. From the initial planning stages to the final execution, the project team meticulously designed and implemented a cutting-edge solution that surpassed expectations.

By leveraging their deep industry knowledge and advanced technologies, the AxisTech team ensured seamless integration, enhanced connectivity, and future scalability. The POL system not only provided superior performance but also delivered significant cost savings and energy efficiency. The streamlined installation process, combined with rigorous testing and quality control measures, ensured a timely and successful deployment.

The implementation of the Passive Optical LAN system at Truimf has positioned the organization for future growth and technological advancements. With its robust and future-proof network infrastructure, IAMI Building can confidently embrace emerging technologies and expand its operations with ease. This success story exemplifies the power of innovative design-build strategies in transforming network infrastructure and paving the way for a more connected and efficient future.

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