Design-Build / Design-Assist


As a Prime Contractor, our Design-Build and Design-Assist Expertise for Critical Projects are Available.

Axis Technical Services leverages Design-Build / Assist to streamline fiber optics installation in Greater Vancouver, BC. Our RCDD works closely with customers to create a custom solution that meets their unique needs, ensuring that each installation meets or exceeds industry standards and best practices. The process involves site surveys, needs assessments, design development, cost estimation, and construction management.

Learn More: Columbia Basin Project Case Study 


Partnering with AxisTech for Design-Build / Assist services in Western Canada brings a comprehensive approach to fiber optics installation, maximizing network infrastructure performance and reliability. Our RCDD ensures that the fiber optic cabling and supporting systems meet industry standards and customer requirements. The approach provides greater flexibility in design and implementation, allowing us to create custom solutions. It also increases accountability as we are the single point of contact for the entire installation process, reducing the risk of miscommunications.

Design-Build / Assist is an innovative approach to fiber optics installation that ensures high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective installations exceeding customer expectations. Axis Technical Services’ technical expertise, industry knowledge, and commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction guarantee that customers achieve their network infrastructure goals. Contact us to learn more about how we can help take your network infrastructure to the next level.


A Full Range of Project Capabilities

At AxisTech we apply technology-forward strategies while providing a customer-first approach to our long term business relationships. We are proud to deliver our network infrastructure solutions on time and on budget. We invite you to experience the AxisTech difference.

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