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Complete End-to-End Server Room Installations and Project Oversight

A well-managed data center or server room is the backbone of your business. Expertly designed and implemented server room cabling can drastically improve your business’s performance, minimize down-time, boost network performance and safety—all while minimizing long-term reconfiguration costs.

Axis Technical Services is a leader in server room or data center cabling. Whether you have a new Data Center project or need a “structured cabling rescue,” AxisTech has the right resources on hand. Our staff are highly-trained, industry certified and customer-driven.

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Today’s Scalable Data Centres 
Your data center or server room is home to critical equipment, applications and systems that support your day-to-day operations. Network performance, scalability, flexibility, and energy efficiency are factors we consider for your data center installation.

Axis Technical Services specializes in data center structured cabling installations (including fiber optic and copper cabling), cable management, server room rack layout, power distribution, UPS installation, cooling, grounding and bonding, testing and more.

With over 60 years of industry experience, our technicians and project managers deliver even the most complex projects. We have implemented data centers for government, educational institutions, health care and commercial clients.

Reducing White Noise by Going Green
As the race for increased data storage and retrieval becomes more intense the server rooms of many organizations are experiencing unacceptable high levels of noise pollution.

A person working in a data center who is subjected to a soaring volume level over 90dB for a prolonged period of time is legally required to wear hearing protection (as stated by the laws of WCB – Workers Compensation Board).

Legacy and modern server rooms across North America are currently averaging a borderline noise level of 85dB. Consequently, the demand to address noise pollution has grown.


Industry-Leading Designs and Products
Axis Technical Services uses only industry-leading designs, ensuring your data center is safe, scalable and up-to-date with the best practices. We install recognized brands such as Belden, Panduit, APC, Cablofil and Eaton.

In conjunction with our manufacturing partners Panduit, Aruba Networks, Leviton, DZS and more. Axis Technical Services offers up to 25 year parts and labour warranties as well as lifetime application warranties.

As always, we remain on the frontier of industry development, embracing technological change.

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A Full Range of Project Capabilities

At AxisTech we apply technology-forward strategies while providing a customer-first approach to our long term business relationships. We are proud to deliver our network infrastructure solutions on time and on budget. We invite you to experience the AxisTech difference.

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