Frequently Asked Questions about Passive Optical LAN

Read the frequently asked questions about Passive Optical LAN.

Did you know that POL or Passive Optical LAN, is a fast-growing solution for new cable installations and modern upgrades utilizing fibre optic technology? Did you know POL is available from Tellabs, Zhone, and many others and designed by AXIS Technical Services? Today I’ll be answering the Top 3 FAQs we get asked about Passive Optical LAN Systems.

How can AXISTECH Deliver POL’s Groundbreaking Technology at Such a Low Cost?

POL as a long-term solution decreases the cost of ownership by up to 68%. Therefore the design of AXISTECH Sharable POL System is highly cost-effective and cost-efficient because:

  • The AXSVISION system reduces management investments due to ease of use
  • A single fibre optical cable lowers installation expenses
  • Reducing non-essential communication rooms decreases costs of real estate and cooling
  • And the smooth integration to existing cable systems lower overall infrastructure costs

How are you ensuring your infrastructure is cost-effective and efficient?

How can AXISTECH Provide Sustainable Solutions to Lower Environmental Impact?

AXISTECH’s designed POL System can cut power consumption by up to 60% by providing greener and safer strategies with the following:

  • The removal of copper and plastic reduces the use of non-renewable materials
  • Fibre optic cable installation augments space availability by 50%
  • And the elimination of plastic wires provide a non-flammable alternative for cable installations

How are you balancing sustainability and environmental impact with your infrastructure updates? 

What are the Additional Benefits of AXISTECH’s Designed Passive Optical LAN System?

The AXISTECH solution provides greater value and peace of mind.
Through advanced security features, this ensures decryption to be virtually impossible.
The AXISTECH solution provides greater value and peace of mind because:

  • The fibre infrastructure provides a link to any Ethernet source
  • The installation process minimizes construction delays and errors
  • The 25 year life cycle corresponds with the 25 year manufacturer warrantee
  • And fibre optic transport guarantees increased wiring distance flexibility.

Did You Know?
The shareable POL system with multiple infrastructure capabilities has the radius range of 20 kilometres versus the average 300 feet range of legacy copper wiring.

Together, We can Design the Correct POL Solution and Build a Long-term Passive Optical LAN Strategy with You and Your Team.

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