Get to the Cloud Faster: A 2014 Game Changer

An Adoptive Technology-Driven Solution to Secure A Competitive Advantage

At AxisTech, we understand the technology challenges faced daily by the companies in Western Canada. The accelerated growth of business communications requires us to provide you with a clear and concise explanation of the game changing solution: Cloud Computing (of Big Data). There are three distinct areas to consider with Big Data: (1) Volume, (2) Variety, and (3) Velocity.

Volume is the sheer size and scope of the data collected and stored on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Variety involves different types of data generated in a multitude of formats (doc, pdf, jpg, etc.) in multiple software versions (Office 2004, 2008, 2001, etc.). Velocity is the speed at which data is delivered to the browser, which also coincides with the trust of your information. Additional factors include Accuracy, Quality, Security, Liabilities and Ownership of said data.

AXISTech Cloud Computing Big Data

At AxisTech our role is to design and built a high performance system which will accelerate the impact on communications delivery to your staff, clients, prospects, media, community and beyond. Countless research predicts 2014 will be the Year of the Cloud and the return of your competitive advantages.

What are the Current and Upcoming Challenges?

  • Cloud computing will have an indelible impact on established operations that have built a traditional communication system of legacy and new infrastructure (hardware, software, cabling)
  • In the past, teams hoping to embrace and implement new technologies required the sanction of the IT – Information Technology department

When were these Services / Problems Recognized?

  • HR – Human Resources and Marketing Team Leaders are creating strategic value-based propositions and scenarios to ensure their technology needs are essential priorities. These department heads are aware that their demand for Cloud access will be a direct reflection of the competitive advantages of their company (recruitment and business development) and will present compelling cases to the IT department and senior management.
  • With Cloud Computing, the purchasing process has been streamlined; the old process is complete-ly outmoded.  This enables HR and marketing (for example) to have equal purchasing power.

What are the Steps Required to Solve the Problem and Provide Viable Solutions?

  • To elevate the competitive advantage of a company and to ensure the role of CIO is reinvented,
    it will be necessary for all teams to incorporate Cloud Computing. Adopting the Cloud will entail changing management strategies, challenging current and outdated procedures, and being fully cognizant of critical, necessary, and extensive adaptations.

Why are these Services / Products Critical to My Business?

  • We give serious consideration to successful business analytics.
  • Cloud and Big Data enable businesses to access extensive invaluable information required for daily operations, risk assessment and business development, employee recruitment and retention, and more. Access to Big Data will prove to be critical to strategic decision-making, business growth, HR while minimizing costs, and improving customer relationship management.

Who will be Impacted by Cloud Computing? Who is Responsible?

  • CIO (Chief Information Officer) and IT Professionals
  • Well established, private, profitable and expanding companies in The BC Top 100 (2013)
    (i.e., growing workforce + profit)
  • Companies forecasted for growth:  Resources, Energy, Utilities, Manufacturing, Mining

Where is the BC AxisTech Geographic Reach for this Service?

  • Most Canadian headquarters are based back east; however, there are many top BC companies headquartered in the lower mainland and on Vancouver Island

How does AXISTECH fit into this Picture?

  • The increased internet band-width and speed currently supported by Fibre Optics (POL – Passive Optical LAN) offers the ideal solution to companies seeking to operate and leverage Cloud Computing Technology in a more cost-effective and cost-efficient mode
  • Vancouver, BC based, AxisTech assists companies with incorporating this technology-driven communications infrastructure transition by assessing, designing and building sustainable and scalable IT Network Solutions
  • AxisTech works interdependently as a subcontractor with many resource-based, public and private companies, and utilities throughout Western Canada and beyond
AXISTech cloud computing passive optical lan

Big Data’s Additional Concerns: Accuracy, Quality, Ownership, Security and Liabilities

Reasons to Assess and Activate:
  • Volume: The Sheer Size and Scope of the Data Collected and Stored
  • Variety: Big Data is Generated in a Multitude of Formats (doc, pdf, jpg, etc.) in Multiple Software Versions (Office 2004, 2008, 2001, etc.)
  • Velocity: The Speed in which Big Data is Delivered