First Deployment of Passive Optical LAN in Western Canada

A Technology-Forward and Green-Networking Solutions from AxisTech and CTAR

AxisTech and CTAR Corp announced the deployment of Motorola’s groundbreaking Passive Optical LAN solution at Sardis Secondary in the Chilliwack School District of British Columbia. The technology foreman at SD33, Randy Janzen, researched and selected the POL solution. “We wanted our students to have access to the latest learning technologies available. Deliver the services we want both now and in the future, with functional, cost and operational benefits.”

Passive Optical LAN, or POL, is becoming one of the fastest-growing transmission topology for new cable installations and modern upgrades. Motorola’s Optical Splitter based networking solution replaces the existing LAN connections as well as traditional network switches with an individual high capacity cable; transmitting information to connect the end user directly with the data centre by sending light signals through an optical fibre. The shareable POL system with multiple infrastructure capabilities has the radius range of 20 kilometres versus the average 300 feet range of legacy copper wiring.


Cost-Effective and Cost-Efficient

  • Long-term Solution Decreases the Cost of Ownership by up to 68%
  • AXSvision System Reduces Management Investments due to Ease of Use
  • Single Fibre Optical Cable Lowers Installation Expenses
  • Nonessential Communication Room Minimizes Real Estate and Cooling Costs
  • Smooth Integration to Existing Cable Systems Lowers Overall Infrastructure Costs

Greener and Safer:

  • Optical Fibres Cut Power Consumption by up to 60%
  • Removal of Copper and Plastic Reduces the use of Non-Renewable Materials
  • Fibre Optic Cable Installation Augments Space Availability by 50%
  • Elimination of Plastic Wires Provides a Non-Flammable Alternative

Greater Value and Peace of Mind

  • Advanced Security Features Ensure Decryption to be Virtually Impossible
  • Fibre Infrastructure Provides a Link to any Ethernet Source
  • Installation Process Minimizes Construction Delays and Errors
  • 25 year Life Cycle Corresponds with the 25 year Manufacture Warrantee
  • Fibre Optic Transport Guarantees Increased Wiring Distance Flexibility

AXIS Technical Services integrates POL by replacing a building’s legacy copper wiring infrastructure and typical communication rooms thus eliminating the need for cooling systems, multiple distribution closets and related power. AxisTech also installs the AXSvision System to decrease the need for troubleshooting and to maximize time management. Therefore, one of the key advantages of the POL solution is the acceleration of the district’s productivity with fewer human resources.

With numerous other benefits ranging from streamlining operational costs to eco-friendliness, the innovative fibre optic cable and equipment solution provided the institution with the newest technologies available with virtually unlimited bandwidth.

Built over two decades ago, Sardis Secondary School contained a limited pathway, space and infrastructure, which required a network upgrade. Fiber based networking solution can be incorporated into legacy buildings, school environments, corporate enterprise settings, shopping centres and hospitals; thus, the POL solution was an ideal fit for Sardis Secondary. “We’re thrilled to work on the first POL deployment in Western Canada,” says AxisTech’s director and team leader, Joana Barbulescu.

CTAR Corp is working with Integrators and customer across Canada to save money, reduce network costs and leverage the power of fibre in their network. Tina Gokstorp is founder of CTAR, who was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2009 Awards.

Established in 2005, AxisTech Services was ranked BC’s 5th Fastest Growing Company in 2008, With a goal to position itself as a BC industry leader, AxisTech specializes in a full range of project capabilities including Fibre Optic Installations, Structured Cabling, Data Centres, Wireless Infrastructure, Security Systems and Audio Visual.

AxisTech’s strategic business units include the following industries: Education, Health Care, Government, Entertainment, Resource-based, Media, Biomedical Research, Tourism, Hospitality and Retail.

Joana Barbulescu, RCDD
Director of Business Development
Axis Technical Services
778 908 2947