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Properly implemented, structured cabling can accommodate many user applications, including voice, data, video, security and building automation systems.

With over 50 years of collective experience, AXIS Technical Services has successfully installed large-scale structured cabling solutions in varied environments including: government, educational, gaming, healthcare, information technology, broadcasting, retail and commercial.

Quality Solutions Built with the Future in Mind

Structured cabling provides the foundation for your business, the overall platform to meet all your data communications needs. A well-designed and carefully-implemented network cabling system will support present and future bandwidth requirements. AXIS Technical Services installs your data cabling quickly and effectively, using only industry-leading designs. Whether you need a new 10 Gigabit CAT6A structured cabling solution or a communications room rescue using your existing CAT5E cabling, AXIS Technical Services can meet your needs.

Reliable, Manageable, High-Performance Solutions

Following rigorous ANSI/TIA and EIA standards, we install a wide-range of structured cabling subsystems, including cabling for entrance facilities, equipment and telecommunications rooms and horizontal cabling.

Trusted Brands

AXIS Technical Services combines proven designs with top quality products from leading manufacturers such as Belden, Panduit and Leviton to create robust structured cabling solutions. Dependable designs such as the Belden IBDN GigaBIX cross-connect system are simple to administer, have high termination density and can easily accommodate change.

In conjunction with our manufacturing partners Belden, Panduit and Leviton, AXIS Technical Services offers up to 25 year parts and labour warranties as well as lifetime application warranties.

As always, we remain on the frontier of industry development, embracing technological change.

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