Video and Digital Signage Network


Dynamically Streaming Global Communications


The digital communications broadcast and signage industries are being revolutionized with new content distribution technologies for real-time data delivery.

AxisTech introduces these new technologies through MagicBox (Hardware) and EZ-Stream (Software). With a simple “drag-and-drop” process, dynamic streaming with IP-based system broadcasts information to multiple-screens from an active single-point data source (computer) without having to re-enter information repeatedly across different physical locations.

Dynamic streaming increases the efficiency and effectiveness of staff, operating budgets and accuracy of information while reducing errors and managing risk. This technology also incorporates report templates, database queries, and Ethernet networking to entirely computerize the process of displaying information on full screens (locally and globally).

Applications and software:

Digital Signage is becoming an ever-increasing form of public communication in various brand distribution channels (lobbies, hallways, digital billboards etc).

AxisTech can integrate MagicBox into your Ethernet platform through IP technology to create a Digital Signage network that will be highly effective in communicating your message with video or images. We can provide high-resolution options to HD 720P or HD 1080P.

EZ-Stream software is a report design and database integration application that allows you to display information originating from your network. Using account templates, database queries, and Ethernet networking, you can completely automate the process of projecting content full screen. Meaning, software delivers media or data files to receiving monitors from standard input without re-inputting and in-turn requires minimal computer resources and manpower.

At AXIS Technical Services, we offer a variety of solutions and benefits to delivering strategic content to digital displays locally and globally.

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Industries include:

Advertising, Auctioneers, Auto Dealerships, Financial, Corporate Communications, Dining & Restaurants, Education, Gaming & Casinos, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Property Management, Public Access, Retail (BBRs), Shopping Malls and Worship.