Panduit and AxisTech… A Strategic Alliance


The Panduit HD Flex Fiber Cabling System

The global manufacturer of physical infrastructure equipment, Panduit, and local BC integrated communications systems provider, Axis Technical Services, continue to build upon their strategic alliance.  Panduit – Infrastructure for a Connected World, is a provider of equipment that supports power, communications, computing, control, and security systems. 


The New HD Flex Fiber Cabling System… Making Fiber Connectivity Easier to Manage

Reshaping the Traditional High-Density Fiber Enclosure


The system marries a high-density enclosure to optimize data center space, with innovative cable management, making the HD Flex Fiber Cabling System the most serviceable and manageable on the market today.

  1. Easy access to connections from front or rear of cabinet.
  2. Each half of the split tray operates independently, minimizing disruptions.
  3. Allows easy access to connections on rear of enclosure, with cables routed to the side instead of the back.

Why It’s Better

  1. Adaptable between 6 and 12-port configurations
  2. Amplify space and minimize costs
  3. Ultimate freedom and flexibility to use anywhere
  4. Front and back access allows infrastructure MACs without disturbing adjacent connections
  5. Split tray operates independently, protecting connections from disruption meaning increased uptime and reliability
  6. Deployment made easy!

Panduit_HD Flex Cable System_Enclosures


Drawers slide out into locked positions for easy MACs, and house cassettes and FAPs, trunks, connectors, and patch cords. Available in 1-RU, 2-RU, and 4-RU and 1-RU options, and can be reconfigured
to accept 6-port or 12-port, cassettes or adapter panels.

Panduit_HD Flex Cable System_Trunks


Pre-terminated PanMPO™ Trunk Cable Assemblies allow rapid gender and polarity changes in the field for standards-compliant cable plant migration from 10G Ethernet to 40G/100G Ethernet. Available
in multimode or singlemode, 12-fiber, 24-fiber, and 48-fiber assemblies.



Panduit_HD Flex Cable System_PatchCords

Patch Cords

Available with Push-Pull LC Duplex or MPO Interconnects, in a variety of jacket, cable, and fiber types to meet any application.


Panduit_HD Flex Cable System_Split-Tray

The Split-Tray Helps Eliminate Circuit Disruptions

Front and Back Cassette Accessibility. Cassettes can be installed from the front or the back of the enclosure. With a split-tray design, described on the following page, they simply slide in and are locked into place. This not only speeds serviceability and deployment, but also streamlines migrations from 10G Ethernet to 40G/ 50G/100G Ethernet, when cassettes are replaced with fiber adapter panels.

Accessibility = Serviceability = Flexibility

Cassettes install easily from the front or the back to speed serviceability and deployment. The lift-out design of the cassettes means patch cords can stay in place, limiting disruptions. The unique split tray feature allows each half of the tray to be pulled out independently, decreasing the likelihood that connections will be disrupted.

10G to 40G/50G/100G Migration

Cassettes are easily switched to fiber adapter panels when it is time to migrate to 40G, 50G or 100G. When paired with the PanMPO Fiber Connector, migration to higher data speeds becomes a snap.

Panduit_HD Flex Cable System 

Cable Management

Cable Management – Innovative cable management sets the HD Flex™ System apart from the competition.  The rear trunk cable manager and plate provides a template for mounting of cables and side cable managers direct
cable away from the rear of the enclosure, allowing easy access to critical connections.

Download a PDF of HD Flex Fibre Cable Cable System Brochure.


Panduit® Recently Present Industry Leading Fiber Research and Product Solutions at the 2017 Optical Networking and Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC).

“These two technical contributions demonstrate our long-standing commitment to original research and collaboration with industry leaders,” said Andy Stroede, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Panduit Research and Development. “Enabled by our world-class fiber optics laboratory, these studies connect fundamental principles to the most important factors limiting the reaches of the highest performance multimode fiber communication systems.”

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