River Rock Casino Resort – Securing Connections



The Challenge:

The River Rock Casino Resort (part of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation) located on the banks of the Fraser River in Richmond, BC, was experiencing poor wireless connection coverage across the casino floor and the hotel. The management team observed a constant stream of patrons entering, then exiting and re-entering the gaming facility in order to make calls and send texts, i.e., communicate with digital devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). Resort management identified a critical need to provide a more simple and convenient mode of communications that would free up a patron’s time-to-task and would provide increased mobility.

The Solution:

The team of Telus (Designers) and AxisTech (Implementers) was quickly assembled to address the growing concern of River Rock for their patron’s entertainment experience. The depth of experience and vast knowledge regarding buildings and communications infrastructure pathways of AXISTECH secured their position as the cable installation contractor and team leader.

With respect to the patrons, the team completely understood the Resort’s need to execute a clean and non-disruptive installation. Close collaboration with hotel departments, decision makers and facilities stakeholders resulted in an extensive assessment and plan for immediate implementation.

The highly confidential wireless network of the resort remained “fully-operational” at all times while stabilizing the resort experience of the clients.

The greatest challenge our team faced was remaining in a “stealth-like mode” during the cable location installation. When creating the communication pathways, all of our equipment sounds and debris needed to be minimized as well as our four-man team’s presence. With the needs of Telus and Great Canadian Casino Corporation amply fulfilled, and the patrons mobile freedoms restored … That’s Our Reward!
– AxisTech

Special Circumstances included:

  • Installation of over 3,000 feet of Heliax Coaxial Cable into 30 zones. This type of cable cannot be kinked or over-bent as this changes its electrical performance.
  • Cutting of holes in the resorts solid ceiling (from the floor) while minimizing the dust and sound. The next step involved re-sealing and terminating all access points
  • Multiple scheduling adjustments to accommodate patrons and staff with frequent starts and stops during peak times (Noon to 2:00pm daily) over a three month period
  • The technology solution needed to support existing cellular signals from various telecommunications companies
  • Complete understanding of how the installation impacted the building, the guests and the need for secure and private communications

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