Partners with the Avigilon Corporation

The Axis Systems Group Welcomes the Recognized Industry Benchmark in HD Cameras

Avigilon HD Pro Camera_ASGASG – Axis Systems Group is proud to introduce one of the Highest Megapixel and Highest Resolution Video Surveillance Camera Solutions in North America… The Avigilon HD Pro. The Avigilon Corporation is an award-winning and publicly traded BC success story with design, production and distribution in Greater Vancouver, BC Canada.

“We are excited to offer this technology-forward Canadian video surveillance system to select customers who demand total integrated security solution for business, residential, commercial, industrial and beyond. The Avigilon HD cameras are equipped with built in analytics for displaying real-time event detection and object verification. The wide-range scale of resolutions ranging from 1 to 29 Megapixels are an excellent match for our long-term vision.”

Bob Fedoruk, VP – The Axis Group

According to Avigilon, their network video recorders follow the Three Rs: Reliability, Redundancy and Remote Upgrades. The industry-leading network video recorders are “plug and play” and operate with a range of storage from 1 TB all the way up to 21 TB. The Avigilon servers are also ideal for large-scale implementation and deployment and have the ability to scale image data from up-to 128 Cameras. Learn more about Avigilon: Click Here

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