An All-In-One Classroom Communication Solution… Audio Enhanced Education

TOA_Students_AxisTech_collageThe Axis Group recently aligned with TOA Canada Corporation to provide technology-forward and world-class communications systems for learning environments.

The ground-breaking technology enhances educational performance by utilizing infrared (IR) receiver and amplifier mounted into the ceiling environment.

Student and Teacher Approvals Deliver…
Healthier Learning Environments for an All-In-One Classroom

Simple and Easy – Here’s How:
• Uniform classroom-wide sound quality with single wide-dispersion speaker
• Minimized system components (tuner, 2 microphones and integrated speaker)
• Quick, easy installation requiring just one CAT-5 cable.
• Selection of three TOA lightweight, low-fatigue IR wireless microphones
• System expandable with optional interface unit for external device control and paging operations

 TOA_Diagram_IR ClassroomSystem

On the Same Page

Smart and Natural Teaching – Key Benefits:
• Intelligible speech, transmitted by an infrared (IR) wireless microphone system, helps to boost the achievement of kids in a classroom environment.
• Infrared (IR) integrated wide-dispersion ceiling speaker distributes uniform sound quality throughout the classroom.
• TOA’s light-weight infrared (IR) wireless microphones reduce the physical fatigue of teachers during classes.

Products Offered include:
• IR Wireless Tuner: IR-802T; IR Integrated Speaker: IR-820SP;
• IR Wireless Microphones: IR-200M (Hand-held), IR-300M (Hands-free)

Source: TOA Canada

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