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Learn About the Top Five Benefits of Fibre-Optic High-Speed Internet for First Nations and Rural Communities as well as Work Camps.

As the First Presenters, The Axis Group Looks Forward to Your Questions. See You All at the NABOC on September 15th, 2015



The Key Advantages Helping The BC First Nations Communities with the Integration of Broadband Internet

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Summary and Background 1

In 2008 only 85 of 203 BC’s First Nations communities had access to high-speed Internet. Today 93% of British Columbians browse the internet via a fibre-optic broadband infrastructure. More over, 184 First Nations communities now have complete access to the technology-forward speed and stability of fibre-optics.

Why AxisTech?

AxisTech operates on a large-scale communications infrastructure installation and maintenance throughout BC and Western Canada. With a mandate to provide knowledge access to First Nations and rural communities, AxisTech is working to increase engagement and stabilize the speed of the fibre-optic Internet. AxisTech understands the significant health, educational and business opportunities for their fellow British Columbians and is proud to be a part of the learning curve.

Top Five Benefits of High-Speed Internet to First Nations + Rural Communities:

1. Improving Health and Wellness (Via rapid Access to Information)
2. Ability to Access Higher Education (Online Learning and Training)
3. Greater Business Opportunities (Economic Development)
4. Local and Global Social Networking (Real-Time News Feeds)
5. Limitless Potential (A Game-changer)

Health_Wellness_Fibre_Optic_Network_AxisTech-edit1. Improving Health and Wellness (Via rapid Access to Information)

The concept of providing fast and stable online eHealth to rural and First Nations communities has become a critical strategy for early detection, telehealth technologies, remote video conferencing (with a doctor or specialist) and general medical knowledge. Access to timely information and self-assessment allows British Columbians the freedom to make more informed decisions for the health and wellness of their families. eHealth also allows the local population the ability of full engagement by inputting and storing personal health records online with 24/7/365 access.

Aboriginal Woman Studying2. Ability to Access Higher Education (Online Learning and Training)

From online and eLearning to free university courses (MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses) 2 reports note a stable and accessible internet provides enriching experiences and increased engagement. Whether training for the latest forest stewardship practices, auto mechanics or updating your chef credentials, the Internet is an essential global resource available to all. Communities can share stories and “become the change they wish to see in the world”.

Aboriginal Woman using Cell phone3. Greater Business Opportunities (Economic Development)

When global resources are available the development of small businesses naturally follow. Lucrative local, provincial and national government contract opportunities become accessible to all applicants. Business grants, associations, forums, news, trends, inspiration, social media connectivity opportunities are mere clicks away. Job seekers and career changers will also benefit by having a chance to apply for jobs/careers in their neighbourhood or around the globe. High-speed and stable internet levels the playing field thus increasing the communities competitive advantages, promotion and confidence.

NABOC_Evening_Presentation_AxisTech4. Local and Global Social Networking
(Real-Time News Feeds)

Imagine the world’s greatest library at your fingertips … in real-time. Connect to world-leaders, motivators, mavens, politicians, advocates, entertainment stars, etc … all are now accessible for remote and rural societies. No longer are the days of only “receiving” information and news; today youth and citizens can broadcast, become “transmitters” of their stories, cultural, traditions, and can lead a movement of “Change for the Better”. The term Edu-tainment has been around for years and now can be shared by all British Columbians.

Think of the unbelievable success of TED talks series, the We-Day Moment (From Me to We), He-For-She (A Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality) as well as information-sharing to capture criminals and beyond. All of this is possible due to the advances in high-speed social media connectivity on mobile (smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc.), laptops and desktops.

Drummer_Fibre_Optics_First_Nations_AxisTech_LR5. Limitless Potential (A Game-changer)

The Internet will help First Nations and rural communities pass their traditions from one generation to the next.  An individual will be able to request online support or access to the latest blog post from an associate across the great ocean.  The internet-of-things-to-come has unlimited potential and will pave the way for the next generation of explorers, scientists, artists, academics and general seekers. A faster-speed, higher capacity and a securely stable internet service brings the best of both worlds and will be remembered for generations to come.

More Background 

The BC Government partnered with Telus, BC Hydro and All Nations Trust Company in late 2014 to ensure the “Nine Island Nations” are wired and Internet-ready for a Brave New World burgeoning with limitless opportunities by 2016. The nations include: Opitsaht, Macoah, Uchucklesaht, Ahousaht, Esowista, Huu-ay-aht, Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ (Ucluelet), Hesquiat, and Ty-Histanis who currently have no or limited access to the Internet. The fibre-optic connection will connect the west coast of Vancouver and Vancouver Island from Prince Rupert to Ucluelet From eHealth to eLearning to business development to social engagement, on a global scale, the BC Government is committed to providing high-speed internet to 100% of British Columbians by 2021.

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