Passive Optical LAN – Leading-Edge Fibre Solution

As an IT Manager of an older infrastructure, you continuously strive for greater efficiency in the uses of your network building block (datacentre to desktops), your real-time updates for a faster system, and for streamlined network deployment, operations and management. Furthermore, your CEO demands lower operational and running time cost, long-term and Greener Solutions. At AxisTech, we are pleased to introduce to BC, a technology-driven solution for BC’s:

  • Legacy Hospital Rooms, Institutes, Dormitories
  • Corporate Enterprise Settings, High Rise Buildings, Airport Terminals
  • Heritage Buildings and Shopping Centres

The Passive Optical LAN (POL) solution is an exceptionally dependable and cost effective enterprise network architecture providing an all-fibre infrastructure to any Ethernet end point including:

  • End User Devices
  • Access Points
  • Wireless Controllers
  • Application Servers
  • Printers and more

Based on a verified Passive Optical Network (PON) technology and the capability to swiftly address changing LAN requirements AXISTECH can concurrently streamline the enterprise LAN while significantly diminishing life cycle overhead. With minimal infrastructure investments for older buildings, AxisTech can now provide technology-advanced solutions in legacy structures where cables are harder to implement.

Passive Optical LAN – Features:

  • AXS1800 – Enterprise Aggregation Switch (EAS)
  • AXSvision Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Enterprise Work Group (WGT)

Passive Optical LAN – Benefits:

  • With fibre security harder to decrypt, the new ultra secure LAN infrastructure also integrates smoothly into existing legacy infrastructure
  • Green IT Benefits: Less copper in ceiling, lower power utilization, and less space consumption,
  • No communication rooms are required saving real estate and cooling costs (no HVAC)
  • Lower management costs due to ease of use with decreased troubleshooting and maintenance time; accelerates tasks with fewer available human resources
  • Lower installation costs because an individual fibre optic cable run will support up to 64 ports
  • Running less cable entails less material, thus minimizing impact and damage to interior ceilings and walls, and less disruptive paths for conduits

25 Year Warranty on branded cables and connectors from: Belden, Corning, Panduit, etc.