Hartley Bay – BC First Nations Community Benefits from the AxisTech Fibre-Optics Communications Infrastructure.

Top-Left: Boat on the water Bottom-Left: After - photo by colinchamut Right: Hartley Bay

Top-Left: Corning Multi-port FlexNAP
Bottom-Left: FlexNAP Installation
Right: Hartley Bay, BC

During the Summer of 2013, the First Nations Community in Hartley Bay, located on the coast of British Columbia, contacted AxisTech to design, build upon and stabilize the Band’s fibre optic internet service.

The goal of the 200+ Band members was to work interdependently with AxisTech to become self sufficient with the proposed new technology-forward internet system of the community. After Hartley Bay submitted a series of requests for funding, the project commenced in late 2014 with senior foreman, David Mayhew, redesigning a high speed and more stable fibre-optic distribution system. The new outside plant system replaced the existing wireless based internet.

Utilizing the latest Passive Optical LAN Fibre-Optics technology from Zhone and the Corning FlexNap solution, the AxisTech team became the first large-scale communications infrastructure installer to incorporate the pre-terminated multi-port FlexNAP in Western Canada. Terminated on one end, the FlexNAP fibre optic component solution provides a cost-effective technique of deploying optical fibres in an outside plant distribution network. The Corning FlexNAP component is available in 2, 4, 6, 8 ports. The new GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) equipment solution provides more stable and manageable internet bandwidth than conventional field installations and will provide decades of long-term stability to the homes, facilities, and to the citizens in the remote Hartley Bay area.

Hartley Bay, the home of the Gitga’at Band, is a First Nations territory located on the coast of British Columbia. The remote community is only accessible by float plan, ferry or boat which posed a substantial challenge for AxisTech… How to procure, book and deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, products, and supplies during the busy shipping season. Fortunately, the AxisTech logistic specialist was able to source and arrange a one-way shipment with a local tugboat company.

Working interdependently with BC First Nations Bands, the team at AxisTech consults, designs, builds, installs, tests, trains and maintains large-scale outside plant fibre optic communication infrastructure solutions. Sourcing and delivering state-of-the-art technologies enhance the 
AxisTech service offering and, in turn, provide BC’s local remote and communities a stronger connection to the Global Village.

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