The FortisBC Tilbury LNG Facility Expansion Building

Bantrel, a global specialist in Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Mining & Metals, Power Industry contacted Axis Technical Services to enquire about a collaboration on FortisBC’s Tilbury LNG Expansion Building. AxisTech commenced with the Bantrel pre-qualification process which included a in-depth tendering analysis that extended over a six months. Responding to their RFP; AxisTech was awarded the fiber-optic cable contract.

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 The Scope of Work included:

Working in conjunction with the Bantrel electrical installation team, and coordinating all critical activities with the Bantrel project engineers, the Axis Technical Services fiber optics team provided the termination and testing for approximately 64 client-installed fibre optic cables.  In order to allow the continuous workflow required to meet the schedule, AxisTech also supplied the critical fiber-optics materials on-demand. With over 1,000 splices to complete, the key drivers to success were:

  • Keeping up with the Installation Schedule
  • Having All Termination and Test Equipment on Site at All Times
  • Choosing the Appropriate Materials and Ensuring Constant Availability
  • Providing Precision Accuracy to Perfection and Completing Project Specification to the Highest Level of Quality
  • Following the Most Current TIA/EIA Standards as well as Local Codes has to Ensure a Long- Term Installation

Additional critical components of the installation were to showcase the skill level of the AxisTech fiber optics team and their detailed documentation. The fiber infrastructure was used for commissioning important systems as well as all changes and revisions needed to be red-lined on engineering drawings. Weekly status reports were also provided to streamline communications and enhance customer relationship management.



The success of the project demonstrates how cooperation and communication, integrated with skill and determination, results in the delivery of robust infrastructure systems exceeding expectations, and in-turn, customer satisfaction.

The AxisTech Team provided the local knowledge, expertise and labour with inclusion of several critical materials to ensure the entire project adhered to local codes and regulations.

The Bantrel EPC Corporation was the General Contractor and Completed the all Conduit and Cabling.

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The company is in the process of expanding its Tilbury Island liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage facility in Delta, BC to meet the projected long-term growth for LNG as a cleaner transportation fuel and an important energy source for communities, industry and the marketplace. This expansion will result in increased LNG supply, creating opportunities for industrial users and remote communities, bringing economic development and new jobs to BC.

FortisBC – a subsidiary of Fortis Inc. (TSX:FTS) – started construction of its $400-million Tilbury LNG Facility expansion project in the Fall of 2014. The company is adding 1.1 million gigajoules of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to storage and 34,000 gigajoules per day of liquefaction capacity.



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