Evolving Security Systems and Technology

AXISTECH-evolvingSecuritySecurity systems are rapidly becoming a core part of AxisTech Services’ business as the security sector switches to an IP format. In fact, many security cameras today have become “no different than a computer,” Ms. Barbulescu explains. They are “just another node on the network.” Card access technology is also evolving at a fast pace.

Current innovation in security technology comes after years of stagnation within the industry. For a long time, the attitude of many businesses was that, “this is the way it has always been done and it works so we shouldn’t change it.” In the last five to seven years, however, security devices have begun to catch up, abandoning traditional analog technology and joining the network.

As the market made the transition from analog, surveillance and access control has shifted from many security departments into the IT departments. AxisTech Services already has strong relationships with many IT departments, so incorporating security technology into the company’s services has been a natural next step.

The difference between old and new security technology can be astounding. New IP cameras boast high end megapixel counts that provide “extraordinary quality of picture,” Ms. Barbulescu explains. Images can also be manipulated easily, so security personnel are able to uncover what they need to see within the data.

The recent advances in security technology are proving so beneficial that AxisTech Services projects that over 30 percent of next year’s revenue will come from the security sector.

By Claire Suttles – BusinessInFocusMagazine.com
and Garrett Chong – ISI Branding.ca

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