Environmental Policy

Think Globally,
Work Locally

We, at The Axis Group of Companies, embrace an environmentally sustainable mandate in the areas in which we live and work. Some key initiatives include:

1. The utilization of local metal recyclers in the Greater Vancouver Regional District, BC and Western Canada for onsite recyclable material submission.

2. The advanced product search and acquisition of onsite materials prior to installation in the communities in which the project is performed.

3. The purchase of local products from BC manufacturers (i.e., Polygon, Avigilon, etc.) to minimize the carbon footprint of the installations.

4. The ongoing scheduled maintenance of all service vehicles to ensure minimal impact on the environment. To also promote the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of all transport vehicles and required machinery.

5. The recycling of all paper and plastic products, as well as incorporating a policy of 2-sided printing, the utilization of “Toner Saver–On” setting and the black-ink only printing.

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