Dura-Line Microduct – Jetted Fiber Systems

Introducing HDPE Microducts
Using MicroDucts from Dura-Line is a better way to utilize that empty space, both today and tomorrow. It allows you to expand your fiber network as you bring on new customers. It enables you to increase bandwidth as your needs increase. And, it allows you to do it easily, without adding extra fibers that might never be used. MicroTechnology saves you time and money, allowing for economical growth within your communications network.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 10.42.55 PMThe Super Slippery on the inside of Dura-Line’s High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) conduit, Super Silicore™ offers the industry’s lowest co-efficient of friction for today’s demanding cable installations. The Silicore™ super slick permanent lining remains for future repairs, replacements or upgrades.
– Faster and Easier Cable Installation
– Flexibility for Growth
– Cost-Effective Repairs or Upgrades


Combining Microducts and Duct

There are many possible combinations of MicroDuct and Duct. MicroDucts are available in the following sizes: 5/3.5mm, 7/5.5mm, 8.5/6mm, 10/8mm, 12/10mm, 12/8mm, 12.7/10mm, 14/10mm, 16/11.76mm, 16/13mm,18mm/14mm, and 22mm/16mm as well as many more combinations.

The maximum number of MicroDucts, field-installed, per duct size (O.D./I.D.) is as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 10.35.46 PM



Installing multiple MicroDucts at one time enables you to use your duct system to its fullest. Installations are quick and easy when you use the latest air-jetting equipment. We can deliver MicroDucts factory preinstalled in ducts, or on individual reels for installation in new or existing duct systems.

With MicroTechnology from Dura-Line, you can save on future construction costs by thinking about the future today. Applications are vast and the markets we serve are some of the world’s most rapidly expanding industries:Telecom, CATV and Power Utilities. These industries demand versatility as technologies and innovations are changing every day.

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