Construction Theft In Canada To Reach $1 Billion?

In Canada alone, construction Theft  site theft of materials, equipment and machinery is projected to cost roughly $300 million annually.

Albeit the $300 million price tag seems rather shocking, it is an issue rarely addressed in North American news media.

The latest reports indicate that the combined onsite construction and jobsite pilfering may actually be closer to a $1 billion crisis for the Canadian economy.

In response to this overwhelming need for heightened security, AXISTECH has introduced their exclusive surveillance system called AXISSHIELD.

Their security system will be custom designed and installed to alleviate a site manager’s stress, minimize risk, and maximize productivity of construction workers.


Theft on large-scale construction sites affects numerous parties including the company, individual contractors (whose materials and tools are also stolen), end customers, insurance companies and, in-turn, insurance premiums. Thefts result is increased replacement cost and increased labour costs due to worker downtime.

The fact is – Construction theft affects us all.

According to the Canadian 2010 Report on Organized Crime, theft of heavy machinery and expensive construction equipment has actually dramatically increased since 2007.

Unfortunately, the recovery of this stolen property and the punishment of these crimes have declined significantly. Although many construction site managers have implemented safe guards (i.e., secured storage, fencing and security), criminals continue to succeed.

This “incurable industry epidemic” can be prevented through the implementation of AXISTECH’s Infrared Camera Systems, ear-piercing howler alarms, and local 24/7/365 video surveillance.

AXISTECH will evaluate your needs and create a flexible and specialized security solution to increase jobsite safety, prevent loss and re-establish your peace of mind.

Construction site theft is an escalating risk; however, with the exclusive AXISSHIELD, the actual, unfortunate loss of $1 Billion to Canadians is preventable.

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