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Introducing the AxisTech new Conduit Video Inspection and Location Services. We extend our service offering by incorporating a state-of-the-art, lightweight Conduit inspection camera system. Our cost-saving strategy will maximize on-site time efficiency by easily finding and identifying infrastructure problems. The process will minimize costly site disruptions and helps provide accurate and compelling site documentation.


– Technology-Forward Strategy. Quality Assured
– Greater Accessibility to Confined Spaces
– Minimizes Costly Disruptions. Streamlines Budgets
– Improves Safety & Documentation for Future Expansion

Technology-Forward Strategy. Quality Assured
AxisTech’s state-of-the-art Conduit Video Inspection and Location System starts with the Magnum M7 from Hathorn Corporation. The hi-tech video camera can accommodate entering smaller electrical and communication conduits as narrow as two inches in diameter. With greater accessibility, streamlined budgets and proven results the site can leverage one of the most technology-forward inspection and location services available in Canada.

Greater Accessibility to Confined Spaces
Traditional inspection push rods are 150 ft long; however inspecting Communications conduits which are more compact with few access point requires longer push rods and smaller camera heads. The AxisTech 500 ft Conduit Video Inspection system reaches over three times further allowing for outstanding serviceability.

Conduit Video Inspection and Location Services are available for countless industry sectors such as:
1. Municipalities    4. Electrical
2. Construction     5. Environmental 
3. Engineering       6. Rural Communities

AxisTech_FleetVehicles_3048_optMinimizes Costly Disruptions. Streamlines Budgets
Conduit Video Inspection and Location System provides an In-depth inspection and verification of the conduits accessibility prior to cable installation. This investigative procedure saves on work stoppages, should the inspected conduits be no longer adaptable to current standards. Locating the specific pathway issue can provide accurate information for remediation thus minimizing costly road or soil disruptions.

Proven Results. Improves Safety and Documentation for Future Expansion
The conduit can quickly be digitally traced, its route located and blockages or damages pinpointed. Therefore, the system maximizes valuable remediation time by avoiding traditional methods of wasting man-power to “dig then inspect”. By saving money from excavating “to find the problem”, the AxisTech Magnum M7 Conduit Video Inspection and Location System, will deliver a clear, bright picture on its 7.4-inch monitor and provide a visual record for the site’s infrastructure and future requirements.

We at the AxisGroup continue to be technology-forward with the addition of a Magnum M7 (Drainline TV Inspection Camera) for our latest value-added service… Conduit Video Inspection and Location Services. This latest tool combined with our team depth of experience will save project time, streamline budgets and provide a visual record for the site’s safety and future expansion. David Mayhew, Senior Project Manager

The AxisTech exceedingly lightweight Conduit Video Inspection and Location System, the Magnum M7 from Hathorn Corporation is loaded with many features and is a mere 29 pounds. The technology-leading tool is highly portable and easily rolls on its six-inch wheels for immediate access to confined spaces and hard to reach places.

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