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Common questions covered:

  • Does AxisTech deliver services outside of Vancouver?
  • Does AxisTech install outside plant cabling?
  • What are the technical credentials of the installation team?
  • Why choose AxisTech?

Does AxisTech Deliver Services Outside of Vancouver?

Yes, the AXIS Technical Services team has completed several projects outside of the city of Vancouver including Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, northern British Columbia, the Okanagan Region and more. We will bring our services to your location and develop a solution for the unique requirements of each project.

Does AxisTech Install Outside Plant Cabling?

Yes, AXIS Technical Services has the engineering capabilities and the industry specific equipment to deliver both Fibre Optic and Copper outdoor cabling systems in an institutional environment or Citywide.

What are the Technical Credentials of the Installation Team?

Our installation team is comprised of communication technicians certified by various manufacturers (Belden, Corning, Panduit, Proxim, Pelco, Bosch, etc.) as well as certified journeymen electricians. The team leaders are experienced Foremen and Project Managers. AXIS Technical Services holds an electrical contractor license, security system installation credentials and has an RCDD (registered communication distribution designer) on the ownership team.

Why Choose AxisTech?

Our proactive team is dedicated to providing seamless integration of multiple technology systems. With over five decades of combined experience, the AxisTech ownership team brings a wealth of knowledge in fibre optic communications, structured cabling design and installation, business operations and customer relationship management. Our step-by-step project assessment ensures the quality and efficiency of all deliverables with a view to exceed client expectations.

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As part of AxisTech’s mission to share knowledge with our customers and industry, we are committed to developing a series of informative articles and videos. These highly specialized industry articles and videos are designed to assist you and your team by flattening the learning curve on new technologies and sharing tips on the day-to-day fibre optic installation processes and requirements.

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