City of North Vancouver – Fibre Optic Network & Traffic Control Management System

To Better Manage Connectivity, Communications, and Safety

Top-Left: Traffic Control Light Bottom-Left: LanTech Switches Designed in a "Support Loop" Right: North Vancouver Bridge Traffic

Top-Left: Traffic Control Light
Bottom-Left: LanTech Switches Designed in a “Support Loop”
Right: North Vancouver Lions Gate Bridge Traffic

The City of North Vancouver’s vision is to become a highly engaging community that celebrates its vibrant and diverse neighbourhoods. With this mandate, the City needed to upgrade its legacy communications infrastructure to a technology-advanced fibre-optic network with maximum bandwidth and heightened security.

LanTech -Switches-Support-Loop-AxisTech-TCMS-NorthVan

The City’s first priority was to establish a network of Fibre Optic Connections in North Vancouver. Initial strategies involved assessing the current condition of the archaic communication pathways. After close examination, a proposed technology and safety upgrade was implemented to the 30-year-old TCMS – Traffic Control Management Systems, and fibre optic connectivity to all Civic Buildings.

Responding to the RFP’s design requirements and proceeding with the Phase One installation portion of the TCMS, the team at AxisTech worked in a cooperative manner with IT, traffic control and operations. The resulting success of The City of North Vancouver’s 11 km fibre optic TCMS installation has earned AxisTech, Phase Two of the transportation infrastructure project. Phase Two consists of fibre splicing 3.5 km of cable near the low level road along Esplanade from St George to Lynn Creek. Two cables of 96 strands of fibre will be the approximate volume of fibre optics used in Phase Two of the TCMS – Traffic Control Management Systems.

Traffic Control Management Systems included environmental hardened switches rated to -40 degrees from LanTech. The Dual-Ring Safety Backup Route was utilized to ensure precision control of traffic flow and to prepare for emergency responds. LanTech switches were also specifically designed in a “Support Loop” to anticipate power failure, overload of system, and natural disaster. The Fail-Safe Control System functions as “Dual Rings”, meaning, if one TCMR Ring fails, the signal automatically changes direction and reroutes to the multiple backup LanTech switches.

The City of North Vancouver, BC elected to install the Fibre-optic Network and Traffic Control Management System throughout the entire region in order to better manage connectivity, communications and the safety of traffic, people, local government and businesses. The Traffic Control Management System and Fibre-optic Network of the City of North Vancouver completed in Phase One in Spring 2015 with Phase Two scheduled for completion during the Summer of 2015.

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