Maple Ridge City Hall – Re-Terminating Backbone Infrastructure

Answering the call for immediate data re-connection, Axis Technical Services (ATS) addressed Maple Ridge, BC City Hall’s need to resolve their legacy IT communications network.
Axis_Farmer+Trackter_Maple Ridge_615x300
With an in-depth investigation, the ATS team leader, David Mayhew, rapidly diagnosed the cable terminations at City Hall from the Fire Hall, he found out the termination methodology was not up to current standards thus creating high losses on the network link. With the network link falling; ATS introduced the client to a state of the art Fibre Optic Panel made by Clearfield and replaced the existing hardware.

The subsequent work has improved the overall “link-loss” and left the network in a more healthy condition. Follow up plans include thorough testing of all fibre strands to ascertain the overall health of all access points to and from City Hall.

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