Cabling Icon Round 2 – UTP Termination Speed Trial with David Mayhew

Watch David Mayhew with his favourite system, Belden Gigabix, for Round 2 of Cabling Icon 2013.

Round 2 – UTP Termination Speed Trial
Contestants selected to move on to Round 2 will submit a video (2 minutes maximum length) of them terminating a 4 pair UTP cable into a jack and connecting block. Round 2 videos must be one continuous shot showing you terminating the cable into a jack and connecting block in 2 minutes or less… If the task is not completed within the 2 minutes, contestants may still submit the first 2 minutes of your video. All components must be Category 5e or better and contestants may use any type of jack/block connection, i.e. 66, 110, Krone, Bix for terminating cable. Standard termination procedures of no more than half inch untwist for cable pairs at termination points and minimal amount of jacket removal should be observed.

About Cabling Icon

Cabling Icon was developed by the Concert Technologies team as the industry’s first entirely interactive contest to find the world’s best low voltage installer or technician. The goal of the competition is to increase awareness of the low voltage cabling industry, camaraderie among installers/technicians and increase the opportunity for education and career advancement in the low voltage cabling industry. With a series of rounds demonstrating different skills and the guidance of a panel of judges, the Cabling Icon Contest recognizes the skills, knowledge and hard work of the field techs. For someone just starting out in the low votlage cabling industry, Cabling Icon provides the opportunity for training and professional growth for those who believe they possess the skills and talent to complete the contest challenges and impress the judges.

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