Building a Better High Speed IT Network


A properly functioning High Speed IT Network is paramount in any business, whether it is in Education, Health Care, Government, Entertainment, Resources, Media, Biomedical Research, Tourism, Hospitality or Retail.

“In any organization, the type of company, the purpose of the company, the product of the company, or what the company sells is irrelevant. At the heart of that company is their computer network,” Ms. Barbulescu points out. “Everybody works on computers.” All of these computers (and a host of other technological devices including smartphones, mobile devices, security cameras) require an infrastructure of cables. “And the quality of that cable and the quality of the installation of that cable impacts tremendously on the performance of that network.”

Frequent downtimes and frustratingly slow processing speeds are common consequences of a poorly performing network.

“Those are some of the situations that we deal with and problems that we solve,” Ms. Barbulescu explains. The team specializes in troubleshooting problematic infrastructures and uncovering the root of the problems. It is this ability that guarantees Axis Technical clients a top-notch network and sets the company apart from the competition. “We look at it and advise our team, ‘go and make it work. Make it work properly. Make it work optimally.’”

Ms. Barbulescu explains that giving customers the best technology-driven solutions is a “matter of pride,” and that the company adheres to a rigorous quality control process in order to consistently deliver superior service. For instance, at the end of every job, the foreman is required to submit photographs of the worksite to management.

“We trust that the foreman and senior technicians have pride of workmanship,” Ms. Barbulescu says, “but, we need that proof at the end of every project to ensure that it is done exceptionally well.” The team meets once a month to discuss each job’s portfolio and to exchange ideas for continuous improvement. “You have to maintain that raised bar and champion complex challenges.”

By Claire Suttles –
and Garrett Chong – ISI

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