Benefits of Fusion Splicing Fibre Optic Cables [video]

David Mayhew of AXIS Technical Services introduces the benefits of Fusion Splicing Fibre Optic Cables.

[Video Transcript]

“Hello. My name is David Mayhew of AXIS Technical Services.
Today we will be Showing You the Benefits of Fusion Splicing Fibre Optics.

Fusion splicing is the process by which 2 optical Fibre strands are Joined (fused) Seamlessly by means of heat in order to Minimize Transmission Losses.

Fibre optic networks depend on the Proper Transmission of light along cable segments, through Patch Panels and Cables to the final destination… usually electronic equipment. Improper Terminations can impede the quality of the signal due to Loss of Light.

Using Fusion splicing as the Termination method will minimize losses and ensure the Best Link Loss Performance for a fibre optic cabling system.

At the Enterprise level (Business Infrastructure), Fibre Optic cables have been used for Backbone systems and Campus Applications. Today, we see more extensive use of Fibre optic cables in the Enterprise Network for Labs, Data Centers and to deliver Complete Fibre Networks (such as Passive Optical LAN or GPON).

Thanks for watching; this concludes the first of a series of videos by AxisTech.

The AxisTech Series will include:

  1. Fusion Splicing Fibre Optics
  2. Copper Patch Panel Termination
  3. Gigabix Termination
  4. Fibre Patch Panel Dressing
  5. How to Hang + Optimize Set-up for Digital Display

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