Belden Adaptive Enclosure Heat Containment (AEHC)

Belden Adaptive Enclosure Heat Containment (AEHC) System is a highly-effective method for cooling data center enclosures in a much more efficient and cost-effective way than was previously possible.

A major challenge faced by data center managers today is ensuring that cooling systems do not fail, that they continue in an uninterrupted way to cool the sensitive electronic components in IT equipment enclosures. However, achieving this goal can be needlessly expensive. It’s estimated that cooling accounts for up to 30 percent of a data center’s total energy load. What’s more, the cooling process itself is accompanied by excessive energy waste, largely due to an oversupply of cold air to the data center by computer room air conditioner (CRAC) units that are attempting to compensate for inefficiencies in the enclosure cooling process.

Benefits Summary

Increased Efficiency/Greening of the Data Center

* Eliminates over-supply of cold air in data center, potentially reducing the number of CRAC units
* In a new data center, permits use of larger, more efficient CRAC units to achieve highest cooling per unit of power
* Entails higher temperatures in the air returned to CRAC, improving efficiency
* Allows raising of supplied air temperature, resulting in more hours of free cooling

Reduced Initial Capital Expense

* Lowest total cooling equipment cost available per kW of IT load
* No piping; vastly reduced electrical and sensor networks
* Reduced and simplified engineering
* Rapid installation and training