BC Ministry of Transport: Fibre Reference Guide

Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (First Edition 2019)

Fibre optic cable is becoming a crucial component for public agencies and many are deciding their own fibre networks are the right direction. Installing, operating and maintaining a fibre network is relatively new to the public sector and there is increasing demand for the sharing of knowledge and experience so that the benefits of a fibre network can be realized efficiently and effectively.

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist public agencies as they begin or continue to develop their fibre optic cable programs and to create a shared understanding with consistency to help facilitate sharing agreements among agencies The guidelines cover a variety of topics that include both the technical and business side of a fibre optic network, agreements with other organization and range from before the network to after it has been installed.

This manual is also intended to be a living document, so feedback and comments are welcome for further editions.

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Source: British Columbia Ministry of Transport

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