AxisTech Installs IT Infrastructure Multinational’s Bootcamp

The Technology-Forward Global Corporation Selects Vancouver Firm for Project X

Server Room Patch Cord Connectivilty with BFMI

Server Room Patch Cord Connectivity with Bob and Mark from AxisTech

AxisTech Services design and built a 20,000 square foot training outpost with numerous technical and structural challenges. The open-room team concept needed to be built in a condensed timeframe to accommodate the client’s expansion into Vancouver. The AxisTech four-man team logged 10+ hour days at six days per weeks to achieve this critical deadline and deliver the project within the budget submitted.

As the building progressed, the client’s need for further customization to the training facility quickly became an area of concern. Therefore, the evolving scope of the project required an immediate action plan from AxisTech team leader, Joana Barbulescu, Partner.

Expertly Dressed & Labelled CAT 6 Patchcords

Expertly Dressed & Labelled CAT 6 Patchcords by AxisTech

“The demanding networking environment at Project X was challenging for all teams involved. Working for a IT Infrastructure Multinational on their first training facility in Vancouver and delivering on our collective promises is cause for celebration.” – Bob Fedoruk, Partner

Key challenges of Project X also included the installation of 500 CAT 6 cables in a highly compressed timeline. The teams achieved these deliverables by installing Cable Tray and a Unistrut Grid in order to distribute cables to the work stations efficiently and effectively. Within each of the Communication Rooms (IDF), racking , cable trays and Fibre duct raceway were installed  to support the high density of copper and fibre cables. The turn-key installation included the patching of 500 ports to Network Switches for a fully operational system. The unique solution reflects the Project X mission to inspire continuous improvement through an “unfinished industrial look”.

Industrial, Sleek & Minimalistic Look for Server Room

Industrial, Sleek & Minimalistic Look for Modern Work Spaces by AxisTech

Established in 2005, AxisTech was ranked BC’s 5th Fastest Growing Company in 2008 and 98th in 2012. Partner, Joana Barbulescu, ranked 48th in 2009, 54th in 2010 and 98th in 2012 on the prestigious list of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs.

AxisTech comprises a dynamic team of industry experts and accredited personnel who provide integrated and scalable solutions to the communications infrastructure community in Western Canada. With a goal to position itself as a BC industry leader, AxisTech specializes in a full range of project capabilities including Fibre Optic Installations, Structured Cabling, Data Centres, Wireless Infrastructure, Security Systems and Audio Visuals. Industries include: Education, Health Care, Government, Entertainment, Resource-based, Media, Biomedical Research, Tourism, Hospitality, and Retail.