AxisTech Hits The Perfect Pitch With Sound & Display Calibration

Raising the Benchmark for the Home Theatre Experience

The Theatre System Calibration of AxisTech Services is simply the only way to present the full potential of any home theatre system. Professional Sound & Display calibration to industry standards is the most effective, financially astute process of upgrading picture and sound quality comparable to a local cinema.

To achieve a life-like entertainment experience with the precise sound of an audio system that envelops the audience, acoustics adjustment of a home theatre is essential.

Correspondingly, AxisTech Sound & Display Calibration have the extensive knowledge and exact equipment required to measure the sound quality in a media room. Through training programs and examination, Sencore Academy has certified each AxisTech Services sound technician, validating experts of the art and science of acoustics.

AxisTech’s Theatre System Sound & Display Calibration Services

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