AxisTech, A BC Pioneer Of Fibre Optic POL

Passive Optical LAN – a Recognized Industry Benchmark
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Motorola Passive Optical LAN AXISTECH
Many reasons exist for choosing the AxisTech fibre optic network from Motorola, Tellabs and Zhone as well as a new, highly respected Canadian Passive Optical LAN supplier Optigo Networks of Vancouver, BC, Canada.. The superior scalability, design, environmental sustainability and cost effectiveness of the AxisTech Service Passive Optical LAN is being acknowledged by technology-based companies as a formidable option over standard copper cabling.

The fibre optic signal is composed of light, which affords minimal signal loss during transmission; therefore data moves at much greater speeds and distances. Up to double the bandwidth can be achieved with fibre optics, while weighing about half that of copper. As the fibres are non-conducting, and require low voltage, they are safe in most electronic environments.

AxisTech’s Passive Optical LAN

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