Axis Systems Group Designs and Builds a National CCTV System


The Integrated Real-Time Security Surveillance Solution is Scalable for
Future Adaptation

ASG – Axis Systems Group is proud to showcase the multi-server CCTV security surveillance camera and monitoring system for Allied Salvage of British Columbia. A portion of the security design and build project for Allied Salvage and Metals has the ability to connect a CCTV (Close-circuit Television) system to track all transactions (entries and exits) throughout their multiple locations.


• Allied Salvage wanted the ability to connect the CCTV (Close-circuit Television) system in order to track all transactions (entrance and exits) throughout their multiple locations.

• Allied Salvage also wanted the design and build of CCTV management systems throughout numerous sites across Canada. The goal was to enable an employee to carefully monitor each property effortlessly 24/7/365 whether on-site or remotely from any location via desktop (PC/Mac) or mobile device (tablet/iPad, smartphone, /iPhone, etc.).

• It is critical that the total security system accommodate a user-friendly operating system and have the ability to be seamlessly managed with ongoing training for new staff.

• Since Allied Salvage locations have numerous sites over 300 feet wide, the streaming of high quality images was mandatory to capture fine detail covering lengthy distances.

• Finally, Allied’s security and AV systems had to be scaleable to address more cameras, monitors, access control features, upgrades, etc. This fulfills the changing technological demands, service adaptations, and ongoing business requirements,



The Allied Salvage Elite Security System included local and national high security call centres to ensure tighter security was online and on-demand in real-time. The ASG team designed and built nation-wide integrated CCTV systems, which provided exceptional high definition image quality of real-time monitoring. The ASG surveillance solution was scalable with the Allied Salvage business model expansion and designed for the future upgrading of monitoring speeds.

Technology-forward products included:

  • Design and Build of Integrated CCTV Systems
    • Including High-end Security Surveillance Cameras
    • Designed and Implemented a Scalable exacqVision Server with an intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Real-Time Monitoring Around the Corner or Across Canada
    • Implementing Monitoring Systems to Staying In-touch with Real-time Activities
    • 24-7 Monitoring capabilities include IR (Infrared) cameras to view images at night
  • Exceptional Image Quality with High Definition Monitoring
    • A wide variety of camera models were carefully integrated into the solution to record and project optimal imagery for Allied Salvage.
    • Specifications include:
      • Wide angle lenses, 1, 3 and 5 MP cameras which accurately captured the fine details of each location
  • Scalable with Business and Monitored for Growth
    • Allied’s customized security system has powerful expandability and future integration for multiple cameras, monitoring devices and access points. Allied Salvage’s integrated security solution was designed to be easily extendable for the seamless incorporation of faster monitoring speeds in the near future.

“Allied Salvage is a valued customer who intensely appreciates a scalable CCTV Security Surveillance System. We worked closely with Allied to develop a knowledge-base of scenarios which connects the right products for real-time results. We share a mutual success by elevating Allied Salvage’s CCTV infrastructure to be inline with its long-term financial and security surveillance needs.”

– Bob Fedoruk, VP – The Axis Group of Companies

About Allied Salvage:

Allied Salvage and Metals is one of the leading scrap metal recycling yards in the Richmond and the Greater Vancouver, BC areas. Established in 1952, Allied Salvage is a family-owned and operated business that continues to flourish as a leader in the recycle, reclaim, re-use industry. Scrap metal recycling is an important part of today’s environment and economy, and the company mission is to ensure that their family values are incorporated into all business practices of Allied Salvage while maintaining a commitment to environmental sustainability.

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