AxisTech gives to BC’s Historical Fishing Society

The donation of technical services by AxisTech to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society (GGCS), located in Richmond, supports the vibrant commercial BC’s Historical Fishing Society

The AxisTech contribution included the re-configuration of the society’s communication infrastructure in order to better serve the technology requirements of the non-profit organization.

Executive Director, Marie Fenwick, was most grateful to receive the pro bono contribution presented by AxisTech partner, Bob Fedoruk.

AxisTech partner, Mr. Fedoruk, and his family have an engaging 100+ year commercial fishing legacy and are “Lifetime Residents of the Steveston Area”.

Bob remains very connected to the community in which he lives and serves as the AxisTech Director of Sales. Today, his triplet daughters attend Lord Bing Elementary School.

Steveston boats

“When we were approached by GGCS to assist in the development of their communications infrastructure, donating our services was a natural progression for the AxisTech team.

As a long-standing member of the Steveston historical commercial fishing legacy, we were happy to be of service,”

Bob Fedoruk, AxisTech Partner and Director of Sales.

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