The Motion Picture Company (MPC) — Above and Beyond


The Challenge:

The Motion Picture Company (the VFX division of Technicolor) relocated across the street over to the old Mini dealership in the Yaletown district of Vancouver, B.C.

The substantial move also involved seeking a setup of a temporary data centre for the major film industry post-production and visual-effects house. This project was to be the first phase of a total move to the new location of MPC.

MPC contacted numerous local utilities regarding their short-term requirements for their temporary data centre but received no responses.

The Solution:
During an Internet search, MPC connected with AxisTech. AxisTech commenced with an in-depth assessment of the needs and requirements of MPC via telephone and onsite.

  • The AxisTech team met with key personnel from MPC several times to assess the complex challenges of the temporary data centre. AxisTech devised an action plan.
  • The Fibre-Optic cables would run above the building rather than underground, as proposed by local utilities.
  • AxisTech consulted and synergized with multiple teams of contractors and consultants to orchestrate a temporary fibre connection. Highly skilled teams included structural engineers, electrical engineers, architects, government utilities personnel, and city officials. Additional challenges entailed halting the traffic flow through Yaletown for an extended period of time during a busy summer weekend.
  • The Assessment and Planning Phases were calculated on an hourly basis; the Implementation and Removal Phases conducted on a contractual basis.

Special Circumstances included:

  • Installation of Fibre-Optic cables commencing at Midnight over a busy weekend
  • Multiple levels of approval from diverse teams (City, Utilities, Consultants, Business Associations, and Clients)
  • Overcoming logistical obstacles… utilizing “the Good Name of Vancouver’s Film Industry” to attain approval (as all officials desire a pleased film industry to encourage continuous development)
  • Fully aware of how the design impacted the building, the inhabitants, the community and the surrounding environment
  • Multiple scheduling adjustment

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