SFU Simon Fraser University – Discovery 1 Building Retrofit


Simon Fraser University – Discovery 1 Building Retrofit.
Featuring photos of 4 different communication rooms, showcasing consistency and identical quality throughout the installation.


  • Managing multiple fibre optic installations in numerous communication rooms housed in aworld-class university
  • Capability of supporting a short-term solution with a design featuring a scalable, long-term strategy for future growth and adaptability of each communication room
  • Consulting and coordinating with various client departments, contractors and team members, each with their own quality assurance process and expectations, while working in multiple areas of the building


  • With several successful installations previously completed for SFU, AXIS was fortunate to have an in-depth understanding of their goals, expectations and communications style
  • With exceptional attention to detail on all aspects of the installation in combination with a relationship-based approach to collaboration, AxisTech engaged with multiple consultants, trades and client departments
  • The resulting four communication rooms showcase a consistent level of excellence. With a focus on technology-driven deliverables throughout eight plus months of installation, the contract became more of a “work of art” than a scientific formula. Please see the photos below:

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