School District No. 51 (Boundary)

March 6, 2014

Dear Mr. Fedoruk,

Thank you very much for all of AxisTech’s great work and continued support over the last seven years. Your commitment to excellence and professionalism have been and continue to be a valuable asset to both School District No. 51 and the City of Grand Forks.

Through your engineering expertise, we have been able to deliver reliable and robust network services to over 900 concurrent users in 12 buildings in the School District (covering a geographic area over 300 kilometers from end to end), as well as provide full fibre connectivity to 30+ sites throughout the City of Grand Forks. All locations, be it for Ethernet or Fibrer, have always been a stellar example of “how to do it the right way”. We use these clean, precise and orderly installations as a baseline for all future cabling and connectivity requirements needed.

AxisTech’s commitment to quality and service have proven itself several times, including a recent service outage due to a downed fibre line after a wind storm and a fibre installation for a temporary City Hall location after a fire. Technicians were dispatched in a timely manner, and service was restored in a matter of days.

We look forward to many more years of service and support from AxisTech.


John Popoff
Technology Manager
School District No. 51 (Boundary)

Daniel Drexler
Information Technology Consultant
The Corporation of the City of Grand Forks

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