Langara College

Langara College wanted to increase its profile in the post-secondary market by supporting a broad range of educational programs. In 2007, The IETS (Information and Educational Technology Services) defined the upgrade of the Server Room as the necessary step to providing a state of the art foundation that would position the college to respond to the educational community needs.
The existing Server Room provided network services to the entire campus and operated 24/7 except for a few statutory holidays when the College was closed. The challenge was to complete a renovation project of this technical hub without disrupting any services. The renovation included upgrading the raised floor and the HVAC systems, replacing the equipment cabinets and providing a suitable UPS and generator back up power systems.


  • AxisTech Services worked with PMG Engineering, the consulting firm for the renovation, to build the cabling infrastructure and cable tray systems to support the new layout of the room
  • The server room was partitioned in 2 areas and all existing and necessary equipment was relocated in the smaller area while renovation started on the larger area
  • Provided temporary wiring to allow the relocation of the equipment cabinets and ensured all systems were operational
  • The relocation was completed during several steps to avoid significant down-time
  • All Fibre Optic extensions were prepared ahead of time as cables entering into the server room need to be extended to the new cabinet location
  • The new equipment cabinets were installed on ISO-Bases for seismic balance by Counter quake and AXIS Technical Services connected all cabinets with new CAT6 cabling in a Cross Connect design
  • 1600 cables were installed and 200 fibres were terminated
  • A new Server Room was created with minimal disruption to the students and staff
  • The new Server Room included new network equipment, cabinets, improved ventilation and back-up power systems which will support any future technology requirements
  • The final and largest phase of the project was completed within 4 days

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