Theatre System Calibration

AXIS Theatre System Calibration


Hit the Perfect Pitch with Home Theatre Calibration

The Theatre System Calibration of AXIS Technology Services is simply the only way to present the full potential of any home theatre system. Professional calibration to industry standards is the most effective, financially astute process of upgrading picture and sound quality comparable to a local cinema.

To achieve a life-like entertainment experience with the precise sound of an audio system that envelops the audience, acoustics adjustment of a home theatre is essential.

Correspondingly, AXISTECH calibrationists have the extensive knowledge and exact equipment required to measure the sound quality in a media room. Through training programs and examination, Sencore Academy has certified each AXIS Technical Services sound technician, validating experts of the art and science of acoustics.

In order to eliminate disruptive rattles, AXISTECH identifies, changes and tunes components of the sound system. For example, optimum locations for speakers and subwoofer(s) are determined by room acoustics. Likewise, solving equipment problems, such as loudspeaker polarities or driver defects and reflections, is a prime example of one of the many services professional audio calibration has to offer.

Professional Audio Calibration

Top Five Advantages

  • Sound is Full and Smooth, Enveloping the Audience
  • Intelligible Dialogue and Lifelike Clarity are Achieved
  • Subtle details are Comprehensible at a Low Volume
  • Rattles from Pipes and Pictures on the Walls are Eliminated
  • Low Frequencies are Equalized and Time Delay is Corrected

At AXISTECH, promoting unjustified, ultra expensive equipment is greatly discouraged. Instead, these professional calibrationists improve the sound experience by utilizing the customer’s own speakers, amplifier and receiver. Otherwise, AXISTECH provides the appropriate audio equipment according to customer needs, budget and preference. Thus, professionally calibrating an audio system is essential to obtain the best performance value from surround sound investment.

Furthermore, the display system of a home theatre equally requires calibration; in fact, these specific adjustments are of more importance than the actual quality of the model. From individual flesh tones to the pale blue tint of the sky, AXISTECH calibration produces the total spectrum of colours that the filmmakers intended their viewers to experience.

Professional Display Calibration

Top Five Advantages

  • Precise Colour Balance Presents Complete Details at All Brightness Levels
  • Minimal Distortions Makes Display Easier on Viewers’ Eyes
  • Double the Longevity Results in Cost-Effectiveness
  • Video System and Viewing Environment Correspondence Produce the Most Accurate Image
  • Full Resolution Picture Achieves a Realistic Appearance

Unfortunately, the owner installing the video equipment does not have the proper knowledge, nor the extensive training to professionally calibrate today’s home theatre display systems to the optimal level. Generally, the retailer’s delivery driver merely adjusts the standard controls until the display seems adequate, suitable and acceptable for instant viewing.

Conversely, professional calibrationists provide cinema picture qualities to any home theatre. Similarly to licensed sound technicians, AXISTECH certified display calibrationists are academy trained through the Image Science Foundation. These specialists use the latest technologies, such as the VideoPro Multimedia Generator and the ColorPro Color Analyzer, to produce both calibration signals and a wide-range of colours according to D65 industry standard.